Monday, March 30, 2009

Cool Sunnies

This is my latest splurge,black sunnies with two-toned brown shades lenses by Roberta di Camerino where I bought at Focus Point,Seremban Parade.It's rm210 after discount n I will not spend too much on this.However a week after,I found another attractive sunnies by Guess at one of optical shops in Giant Hypermarket.Its detailing has small bling2 diamonds with 'heart-shaped' on each side.Oooh so alluring but I keep telling myself that I don't need second sunnies!

I guess my face shape is oval but sometimes I do feel it's long (confusing huh?!)

Spot me among the rest..hehe..with my sunnies I feel completely stylo (read:please don't vomit) ;p

Here's a guide to finding the perfect shades for your face shape;
#1:Oval-shaped face
Features:The widest part of an oval face is the forehead,and then it gets gradually narrower as it goes down with the chin being the slimmest part.
Your Sunnies Style:Because you have balanced facial proportions,you can wear any shape of frame.
#2:Long face
Features:You have a thin and long face with a pointed chin.You are also blessed with high cheekbones.
Your Sunnies Style:To make your face look shorter and more proportionate,select a shape that has relatively big surface area.Aviators for example are great to balance out a long face as it helps shorten and soften your face by adding width.Avoid sharp angles and vertical lines.
#3:Diamond-shaped face
Your forehead n jawline are narrow and you have very prominent cheekbones.
Your Sunnies Style:Choose a frame with distinctive brow lines or detailing.Your best looks are small,oval or geometric shapes as they add depth to your forehead and chin.Try rimless and eye-cat frames.
#4:Square face
Features:You have a broad forehead and jawline.The line from the forehead to the jaw is very straight and then it falls into quite a strong angular jawline.
Your Sunnies Style:Try sunglasses with curved,rounded edges and shapes with long vertical lenses to lengthen the face.Aviators and oval-shaped sunglasses help to soften the prominent angles of your face.Avoid hard angles and square,rectangular shapes.
#5:Heart-shaped face
Features:You have high cheekbones that are slightly wider than the forehead.The face usually ends in a pointed chin.
Your Sunnies Style:Soften a sharp chin with rounded frames,like the oversized '70s specs and if you have a wide forehead,play up your face shape with a straight-edged frame like the wayfarers.Avoid styles with long horizontal line across the top like shields and those with pointed bottoms.
#6:Round-shaped face
Features:A round face is very full without clearly defines cheekbones.
Your Sunnies Style:Square shapes which offset the roundness of your face and make it appear narrower.Geometric or rectangular shapes also give your face an elongated look.
#7:Triangular-shaped face
Features:This face shape has a broad forehead (as opposed to a diamond-shaped face's narrow forehead) and narrow chin.
Your Sunnies Style:Contrast your shape by wearing thin frames which don't sit high on your face.
(Source:CLEO April 2009)
So ladies,what's your face shape??
For me,the most stylo celebrities who know what's their best sunnies are Victoria Beckham,Nicole Richie n Olsen twins (Mary-Kate Olsen/Ashley Olsen).I really adore them and not mentioning their style (apparels,sunnies,It bags,shoes).The most beautiful ladies are Olga Kurylenko for her green eyes,Angelina Jolie for her thick lips,Gisele Bundchen for her long slim legs,Nicole Kidman for her sweet smiles n Hillary Duff for her sparkle teeth!There are many more but these celebs are well-known for those assets.Anyways,it's just my p.o.v and perhaps the rest have their own opinions.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Surveying For A Swimming Course

Yesterday my hubby n I went to Pusat Akuatik N.S.We were surveying for a swimming course n suprisingly the fee was more or less quite cheap-rm60 for 8x lessons.Unfortunately we haven't met the coaches for further details as most of them were really busy.For the beginning,we plan to go there for a basic class as we're trying to fix every weekend for swimming activity.Due to time constraints,it's hard to find a weekend that we can really focus to this bcoz we believe there will be a weekend where we're all occupied (course,family's activities n gathering etc).Hubby said why not we give a try first by fixing the date.No registration n we just have to pay rm2.50(adult)/ rm2.00(children) per hour for entrance,then swim at public pool.The size of each pool is very huge n at a depth of 5m.My hubby used to register for a swimming course at Bukit Jalil but he had not completing the course.Swimming is his big interest n that's the main reason why he insists me to join him.My hubby said I can learn swimming by imitating the style of other's swimmer n then register for a proper course so I can start as a beginner swimmer who knows nothing until I can really swim n be a competent swimmer like he did.*I hope so my dear*

Kids were practising n showing their skills under a coach's supervision.They really enjoy the activity.Learning how to swim properly is a good start for them n I always believe that any skills should be acquired at a young age.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Celcom Broadband

I'm blogging during weekend.Yup,as seen on pic above I finally bought a celcom broadband.Using internet at my office is sooo irritating!It doesn't matter if I've to pay a monthly fee as long as I've more privacy to put my thoughts into words n share moments happened in my life.If people think the content of my blog is offensive,with respect...they may leave.I don't need nasty comments as it's very unethical to do so.If they think I'm trying to show off,again this blog is very personal.As a blog owner,I've the right to determine what should be published here n mostly it's all about my family,friends n my interests which doesn't harmful at all.What has been written here is just what I see thru my eyes n where I'm standing from.So,they should learn how to respect my point of view.Suzie has never changed,ladies!I hope there will be no mumblings n babblings anymore esp at my back.That's all.Puas hati haku!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Obsesi saya terhadap aksesori tak pernah padam n saya pernah buat entry pasal kegilaan yg satu ni.Yg ni koleksi terbaru yg saya ada.Paling kiri tu bracelet mutiara air tawar pemberian hubby yg dibeli di Pasar Filipin,Sabah masa hubby ada meeting kat sana minggu lepas.Yg 3 set diamond bracelet tu pemberian kakak ipar saya,kak Lily sbb my SIL tau saya sgt suka kumpul aksesori.Cuff bangle warna pink tu saya beli di PD Walk.Saya beli 3 warna yg berbeza-yg pink untuk saya,biru saya bagi kawan baik Rahah n warna pic saya bagi Norja.Harga tak mahal pun n saya bercadang nak beli beberapa lagi.Ada sesiapa yg nak?..hehe..Cuff bangle ala indian warna merah+pink tu saya beli di Bandung.Harganya rp25,000.Sekarang ni hampir semua warna saya ada kecuali biru,kuning,oren so lepas ni kalo nak beli saya kena cari warna2 tu.Paling suka tentu la mutiara sbb ia timeless dan juga swarovski stone sbb warnanya pelbagai.Apapun asal namanya aksesori semua saya amat suka tak kira la jenis,bentuk atau warna apa sekalipun.

Aksesori saya ni disimpan dgn baik dlm kotak2 @ bekas aksesori.Kotak2 aksesori ni ada yg saya beli di Kompleks Kraft,IKEA,Macy n ada juga dihadiahkan oleh kawan baik saya Anis n adik saya.Ada bekas simpan necklaces, brooches, bracelets, bangles n rings.Kalo anda perasan semua bekas aksesori ni ala2 authentic yg di buat drp mengkuang,rotan,buluh dll sbb saya mmg suka benda2 asli mcm ni.Kalo asingkan aksesori ikut jenis mcm ni senang saya nak cari n nak jaga.

Tips Menjaga Beg

Ramai yg tanya kenapa koleksi beg2 saya masih nampak baru n cantik walaupun dah lama beli.Kat sini saya nak kongsi beberapa tips sbb saya seorang yg boleh dikatakan amat cermat menjaga barang n saya hargai setiap $ yg saya keluarkan utk beg2 ni.Bila kita jaga barang dgn baik,jangka hayat dia agak lama.Ye la beg2 ni bkn murah pun,seeloknya la dijaga dgn sempurna.

# 1-Kalo anda selalu tukar2 beg mcm saya,lepas tak digunakan elok la letak kertas dlm beg tu supaya bentuk beg tu kekal.Kalo tak beg akan mudah rosak esp material luar yg lembut n mudah hilang bentuk kalo simpan bertindih2 dgn beg lain.

# 2-Bila beli beg baru biasanya kita akan dpt dustbag.Kalo boleh dustbag ni jgn dibuang.Bila dah tak nak pakai beg,masukkan semula beg tu dlm dustbag supaya beg tak mudah berhabuk dan nak elakkan warnanya dari pudar.Dustbag juga penting nak elakkan beg kita dari kotor n rosak.
# 3-Simpan beg di tempat yg kering,maksudnya dlm suhu bilik.Beg kulit mudah rosak di tempat yg bersuhu lembap (damp temperature) sbb water or other liquid diffused through a substance or as vapour or condensed on a surface of leather bag.Akibatnya beg kulit mudah 'berkulat' n akan cpt rosak.Mcm saya,selalunya koleksi beg2 saya disimpan dlm storage box yg besar.Saya berangan2 nak bina wardrobe yg khusus utk simpan beg mcm yg kat IKEA kalo dah ada rumah sendiri.Saya sgt envy bila tgk bilik khas tempat simpanan baju,kasut n beg milik pereka tersohor Rizalman Ibrahim yg saya tonton di Nona Tv3 (siaran 15.3.2009).Kalo tkde wardrobe boleh gantung @ susun dgn elok.
#4-Periksa beg secara berkala supaya anda sedar kalo terdapat kerosakan pada zip,inner material dll.Oooh saya bab ni sgt la rajin.Mcm clutch gold saya yg gam nya sudah 'kembang' n tak dpt nak buat apa terpaksa la saya buang :'( .Bila buat pemeriksaan berkala mcm ni,mana tau kalo boleh nak di betulkan apa2 yg patut.

*hari minggu yang indah*

Oooh hubby sape yg rajin tu?..hehe..Saya paling suka kalo hubby balik Jelebu.Masa ni la btl2 dpt jadi housewife dgn segala kerja memasak,mengemas,menyapu dll n hubby pula tolong basuh n sidai baju.Lebih privacy lgpun rumah sewa kat sini dah agak complete dgn segala perabot.Sebelum hubby balik Jumaat mlm,saya selalu fikir menu apa nak masak.Biasanya yg simple2 je n hubby pun bkn pemilih sgt bab2 makan ni.

Jumaat 20.3.2009-Menu saya mlm tu mee goreng je sbb hubby biasanya akan sampai Jelebu sekitar jam 10.30mlm.Kdg2 saya masak nasi goreng asalkan simple n kata org boleh habis dgn sekali hadap je.Bkn apa cuma nak elakkan pembaziran.

Sabtu 21.3.2009-Sarapan pagi dgn telur separuh masak yg dimakan dgn serbuk lada hitam,cucur lemak manis Adabi yg saya beli tepung segera cuma tinggal nak goreng je,kdg2 beli cucur ikan bilis atau cucur bawang & roti telur yg dicicah dgn mayonis.*saya sgt suka mayonis*

Lunch n dinner saya masak sayur pucuk paku n ikan kembung goreng cili api.Dinner sy ada tambah ikan kembung masak lemak cili api tp tak berapa nak jadi.Sebab dah lewat sy masak guna santan segera ayam brand.Tkpe boleh belajar lagi =)

Ahad 22.3.2009-Asalnya kami nak pergi pasar tani tp terlewat bangun,lepas tu dah malas nak keluar.Saya masak je apa yg ada dlm fridge.Jadinya breakfast cum lunch cuma masak nasi goreng n ayam goreng spicy ayamas.Petang bila dah lapar sket,saya goreng lg ayam n kami makan dgn mayonis.Hubby balik Serdang pukul 7mlm :'( .Tu la yg tak bestnya jd weekend husband-wife,masa kami agak terhad tp bila dpt peluang bersama mmg saya sgt hargai kualiti n kuantiti masa dgn org yg saya sayang.

Btw saya nak ucapkan terima kasih kat bloggermate,Juliana atas hadiah wedding terakhir yg saya terima.Pertama kali jumpa kwn di alam maya kat PD.Walaupun sekejap tp cukup bermakna.Tq so much Jue.Harap2 bila ada lebih masa boleh la kita jumpa lg =)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tagged by Kasmara

Empat nama anda yang dipanggil oleh rakan-rakan:
1. Suzie
2. Ujie (nickname utk immediate family/relatives n frens masa primary school)
3. Sue (kak ti jek yg panggil dgn nama ni)
4. Zi (kak ckin jek yg panggil dgn nama ni)

Empat tarikh penting dalam hidup anda:
1. Tarikh bertunang (22.12.2007)
2. Tarikh bernikah (28.11.2008)
3. Hari lahir hubby (18.11.1978)
4. Hari lahir saya (25.09.1980)

Empat perkara yang telah anda lakukan 30 minit lalu:
1. Lunch asam pedas ikan cencaru
2. Chit chat with Norja
3. Withdraw $$ kat maybank
4. Beli kopi DCL kat kedai Avon n tgk baju dah siap ke belum kat tailor Great Wall

Empat kaedah untuk bahagia:
1. No jealousy,no back-stabbing,no anxiety
2. Spend more time with hubby/family
3. Great Vacation
4. Retail Therapy

Empat hadiah yang ingin anda terima:
1. Notebook Sony Vaio @ Apple Macbook *I'm daydreaming again*
2. Shoes,Handbags,Watches,New handphone
3. Sponsorship for travelling to anywhere I wish to go =) with my hubby
4. Apparels by GAP,Forever 21 n Philosophy.

Empat hobi paling diminati:
1. Baca magazines
2. Blogging
3. Shopping
4. Beading work

Empat tempat ingin anda kunjungi untuk bercuti:
1. Bandung (shopping haven)
2. Bali (dazzling view)
3. Perth,Australia (teringin nak mkn strawberry pavlova made by LG)
4. Mekah (nak buat umrah dulu)

Empat minuman kegemaran:
1. Teh ais/Teh tarik/Teh 'o'
2. Ginger tea
3. Carrot susu
4. Lai Chee Kang

Empat benda yang selalu di dalam beg anda:
1. Handphone
2. Make-up stuffs (pressed powder,lip gloss,blotting paper)
3. Thumb drives
4. My Guess purse

Empat warna kegemaran:
1. Ungu
2. Pink
3. Hijau
4. Putih

Empat tempat lepak digemari:
1. Rumah mak kat PD
2. Rumah sewa kat Jelebu
3. Apartment kat Putrajaya (I hope...)
4. Secret Recipe

Empat perkara yang paling anda sayangi:
1. Hubby
2. Family
3. My nieces n nephews (Hakim,Alleya,Uzair,Syafiq,Anis,Adib,Haiqal,Rania,Aqil)
4. My closest friends

Empat benda yang paling anda sayangi:
1. Kamera Olympus
2. Koleksi kasut & beg
3. Brg2 mekap
4. Baju2 glam yg kena dry cleaning (sbb saya sudah byk spend $ utk tempah..hihi..)

Empat orang rakan yang anda nak sangat mereka jawab TAG ini:
1. Anis Sabirah
2. Nurul Akma
3. Norja Khairayarani
4. Roswani Ab Rahman

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I'm consuming BerryGen now,a product from Tupperware.No,I'm not promoting this product bcoz I'm not a dealer but I just want to share my experience after consuming BerryGen.It costs me rm159.20 (thanks to Norja's membership) if not I've to pay rm199 for a box of BerryGen that consists of 20 sachets.First box is almost finished n I'm into second box.Say hello to BerryGen n goodbye to other supplements..haha..No la!I'm still taking other supplements esp Ester C,EPO n Selenium ACE antioxidant but no more to green tea n InnerShine.I know I shouldn't skip any of them but u know it takes about rm400 a month to consume those good things *sigh*.

After completing a box I found my skin is a bit supple.Thanks to its superb collagen n berries extract.At the first stage,pimple keeps popping out esp on my chin.Drinking plenty of plain water is not me (bad habit,don't imitate ok) but I'm trying hard to drink at least 8 glasses a day.Plain water is good to flush out the toxins (detoxification) n to rejuvenate the skin.As a result u'll notice from ur digestion process.Fine lines disappear too esp under my eyes.I won't say wrinkles..haha..I'm going to be 30yrs old next year so it's a perfect time to take a step forward in achieving youthful skin.At least I want to grow old gracefully.In my case,it's not a godsend but surely an effort!Organic Lacto-Fibre is another beauty-hunting.Oooh I'm totally broke *wink*.


I'm NOW opt for MonaVie. Contact me for details. It's only RM130 per bottle n has benefits similar to BerryGen but a bit cheaper in price.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get Spotted!

My blog has been blocked by what I call a known intruder creature!So u're spotted darling!I don't interfere her life n that's a BIG question why she interrupts my life.A feeling of curiosity n consternation crept over me as if she holds grudge against me.I don't think what had been posted in my previous entries were offensive.So darling if u think so,please don't blacklist my blog bcoz I want my own name as a blog address n I hope that would be just for temporary until I get back my very own blog.Ooh n the facebook add too,okay?!

Yup I'm planning to buy a notebook with celcom broadband but not very soon.There's a lot do esp completing my dwelling.For what she did,so I'm in need to have it as soon as possible.That doesn't mean I surrender but I just don't want to get involve of such stupid thing as I said to my bestie,Rahah;org mcm ni bg i mcm debu2 bterbangan yg kdg2 lekat kt kulit n buat kotor.I bsuh dgn air dh cukup.U know what-to remove the dirt she makes..haha..obviously she has had an insolent heart inside...tu pun dah kira baik I ckp heart instead of stone =)

I don't simply get angry to her...hemm let her be.There's no need to use harsh words for this lady.GOD knows what n where planet she comes from n why she keeps having black-dots-heart to others.Hence I don't regret if she goes from my ever go to hell!I don't care.I'm a decent n devoted person who makes friend rather than creates enemy and I can't say the same to some of my friends who think they are my friends.Now she will be totally out from my circle of friends!Sayonara...

*updated at 10.15am on March 16,2009*

The case is closed.Possibly there's a misunderstanding here.Frankly I feel like I don't want to publish my blog to all readers except for the view of certain people (my SILs,my closest friends,TESLian friends n selected virtual friends ONLY).The most tiring job is to tell everybody that my blog add has changed.Yes,I never deny the fact that a blog is meant to be viewed but what if ur writing is constantly being misinterpreted n misjudged by others?I think it's time to make it very personal.Hopefully I won't be up to that thinking.If people learn literature,they'll know the significance of these colours (red & blue).Each colour signifies different meaning.Definitely I'm cool now :p


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Saya bukan seorang trendsetter.Jadi JGN tiru gaya saya,tp kalo ada yg tiru bagi saya itu satu compliment.Saya tau ada yg cuba imitate esp brg apa yg saya beli,fesyen apa yg saya pakai-bukan saya perasan tp naluri saya mengatakan begitu bila tgk "eh2 sama je mcm yg haku pakai brg/fesyen ni"..hahaha..walaupun dia tak mengaku tp tak mengapa la bkn satu kesalahan pun!

Bila ckp bab trend ni cuba la utk jadi diri sendiri.Cthnya skrg terlalu ramai yg nak berfesyen tudung ekin yg menjadi duta tudung ariani,tudung munawarrah atau tudung hajaba tp kalo tak kena gaya bentuk muka mmg totally out.Don't be a fashion victim just to follow a trend which maybe applicable at one short time.Tp kalo sesuai teruskan aje =) sbb takde salahnya mencuba sesuatu yg baru.

Saya?Tetap dgn diri sendiri sbb most of the time saya lebih suka play safe.Selalunya saya cuba elakkan trend fesyen kain ela...cthnya bila semua berbaju kurung songket bunga tabur,kalo kat kolej ni mcm2 warna dgn design yg serupa & dah jadi boria Penang mari..hihi..Tp saya suka imitate rekaan pereka fesyen mcm puff sleeve rekaan Rizalman yg saya tempah utk baju nikah n yg terbaru dlm fikiran nak imitate design baju Butik Cosry dgn pleated sleeve & juga tampalan lace pada kain crepe atau sutera shantung ala2 rekaan Jovian Mandagie.Mangsanya Irene Tailor di Spore Street Seremban..hihi..sbb tailor ni je tau kehendak saya tp bila bab nak bayar sendiri mau ingat la-3pasang baju rm525 tp masih berbaloi kalo dibandingkan pereka ternama..hihi..Takpe kan utk imitation yg ini sbb saya tidak mampu utk bayar Rizalman,Radzuan Radzwill atau Kirana just for a piece of mesmerize n majestic baju kurung.Maaf kpd kalian tp saya rasa itu lebih baik dari beli imitation designer's label for fake items esp handbagssss.Oooh NO!Kalau la mereka tahu ke mana duit barangan tiruan tu disalurkan...Here's the answer which I quote from Corina's blog;
Why do people continue to buy counterfeit merchandise and think it is ok to do so? Do they really think wearing a fake makes them look like Jessica Alba wanna-be? Ok ok so they WANT to look like a wanna-be star, which is fine by me, but do they not know that the illegal rings who manufacture these items also run the same child prostitution and labour activities? Is that not such a cruel and inhumane activity to support? STOP BUYING FAKES. It's cheapskate and it's contributing to illegal rings which hurt and demoralise children.

Gambar ni saya cilok dari blog Hanis.Poor Siti.Bkn semua designers' suggestion boleh diguna pakai n style tudung saji ni is a big NO-NO-NO!Biar ia direka oleh Karl Lagerfeld,Emilio Pucci atau Vera Wang sekalipun ia tetap TIDAK cantik pada mata saya!!Tidak kena gaya & buat jadi bahan lawak org-simply nonsense!Moralnya pakai la yg mengikut keselesaan sendiri,utk menjadi trendsetter atau trend follower terpulang pada cara masing2.Setiap individu ada keistimewaan tersendiri.Yg branded atau tak ikut la kemampuan diri.Mmg ada org bangga bila dpt pakai brg berjenama tp cukup bulan diri merana sbb lebihkan kehendak dari keperluan kecuali org itu mmg berpoket tebal.Org kata kena ukur baju di badan sendiri.Saya tidak berniat menyindir sesiapa sbb saya sendiri seorang yg khilaf tp sama2 la kita beringat2 & berpesan2.Sampai jumpa lg.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chantek & Chenta

Hati saya berbunga2 skrg...sgt indah...sgt manis

Chenta hati saya *LOL* I love u syg =) He's my heart-my soul-my passion-my love-my life.He's my e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g

Semalam tgk satu program,si wanita putus tunang disebabkan dia tidak chantek...muka penuh pimples,kurang keyakinan.Hemm bila tidak chantek maka hilang chenta??Sgt tidak adil kan bila kita di nilai dari segi luaran shj!Bila si lelaki dah buat mcm tu tak guna tunggu lama2...he's totally a b*****t!Sbb muka tak licin,gigi tak tersusun cantik,rambut tak lurus beralun,tak belajar sampai degree maka senang2 je si dia nak angkat kaki?Tp tu la hakikatnya pada pandangan pertama org,rupa adalah segala2nya.

Kombinasi yg sgt perfect bila kita bukan shj cantik tp punya budi bahasa yg tinggi,jaga pertuturan & tingkah laku.Jaga pada h.a.t.i sbb utk jangka masa panjang itu la yg kekal,cantik tak bawa ke mana...sampai masa akan berkedut seribu juga.Cuma jgn abaikan aspek cantik itu utk keyakinan diri.Zaman skrg kena seiring biar la apa org nak kata tp kita kena berjuang utk kelihatan cantik & baik.Bkn jadi hipokrit,terpulang pada penilaian masing2 tp cantik & baik itu bukan ke elok.Jgn pula berpura2 sbb lambat laun org akan sedar mcm si dia,muka cantik tp perangai kurang...lama2 satu persatu kwn menjauh.Tak peduli?Jgn nak tipu la sbb mana ada org boleh hidup tanpa kwn?Cuba angkat tangan sape yg takde kwn baik-semua ada kwn kan?Tp yg lebih kasihan-dah la muka tak berapa nak cantik perangai buruk pula tu.I feel pity to these women.

Kita ingat lg peristiwa 12-13thn yg dulu...I've been humiliated by those stupid army.I felt like run away but I couldn't n I stuck there just bcoz I'm....imperfect?!Tp Allah lg Maha Kaya.Tak kisah la kawen lambat sket tp pilihan itu tepat.Jgn tangkap muat akhirnya yg kita dpt tidak menyenangkan hati.Whoever says 'duit tak dpt membeli kebahagiaan' is totally a liar.Skrg org pandang cantik-duit-cinta-bahagia.Tp kita tak la setuju 100% sbb yg penting mcm mana kita nak manage life accordingly.Blm tentu yg byk duit itu bahagia juga blm tentu yg cantik itu gembira dlm hidup.Blm tentu yg miskin itu merana juga blm tentu yg buruk itu menderita.Hubby ajar hidup dgn cara sederhana-segala2nya sederhana walaupun dia mampu utk afford.Ya,bila hati chantek maka chenta akan kekal lama =).Semoga bahagia kwn2 di sana.Sama2 kita rai kan hidup mengikut cara masing2.Sampai jumpa lagi.Pen off. (waaa ini sudah mcm tinta editor Rosie Haslinda Nasir..hehe..I'm imitating u dear lovely sis...)


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