Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I'm consuming BerryGen now,a product from Tupperware.No,I'm not promoting this product bcoz I'm not a dealer but I just want to share my experience after consuming BerryGen.It costs me rm159.20 (thanks to Norja's membership) if not I've to pay rm199 for a box of BerryGen that consists of 20 sachets.First box is almost finished n I'm into second box.Say hello to BerryGen n goodbye to other supplements..haha..No la!I'm still taking other supplements esp Ester C,EPO n Selenium ACE antioxidant but no more to green tea n InnerShine.I know I shouldn't skip any of them but u know it takes about rm400 a month to consume those good things *sigh*.

After completing a box I found my skin is a bit supple.Thanks to its superb collagen n berries extract.At the first stage,pimple keeps popping out esp on my chin.Drinking plenty of plain water is not me (bad habit,don't imitate ok) but I'm trying hard to drink at least 8 glasses a day.Plain water is good to flush out the toxins (detoxification) n to rejuvenate the skin.As a result u'll notice from ur digestion process.Fine lines disappear too esp under my eyes.I won't say wrinkles..haha..I'm going to be 30yrs old next year so it's a perfect time to take a step forward in achieving youthful skin.At least I want to grow old gracefully.In my case,it's not a godsend but surely an effort!Organic Lacto-Fibre is another beauty-hunting.Oooh I'm totally broke *wink*.


I'm NOW opt for MonaVie. Contact me for details. It's only RM130 per bottle n has benefits similar to BerryGen but a bit cheaper in price.


Rainani Jamalodin said...

Wah..besarnya blanja for healthy.. syukur dikurniakan gaji yg mampu nk support..hehehe..bonda xamik ape2 pun supplement.. :D

Suzie said...

alaa bonda,ni pun dah di kurang2 kan...bkn apa kita selalu beli supplements botol besar harga dlm rm100++ n bkn tiap bln mungkin 2-3bln sekali baru abis n beli baru sbb kdg2 terlupa nak mkn,biasanya ingat la sbb dah spend byk duit.

blm ada anak,mampu lg la..hihi..nnti dah ada anak byk spend utk dia la kan =)


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